Welcome to the home of Lerwick Distillery

We are producing Shetland Single Malt Whisky, a first for Scotland's most northerly, wild and weathered outpost. Our whisky is set to become an extraordinary and sought after, peerless, premium dram.

Shetland Whisky Barrels

What makes our Shetland Single Malt WHISKY so Unique?

Our location is Scotland with a difference, 60° north, an oceanic sub-Arctic climate, long mild winters and short cold summers providing the perfect temperature. Combine this with a gusty average wind speed of 14.7 kots, natural ventilation of salty sea air, and we have an unmatched climate, simply perfect for whisky maturation.

Our blend of Scots/Nørse culture has inspired a distinctive dram, flavours and notes imbued with a seafaring heritage. The natural rock springs are the source of a water that's extraordinarily crisp, cool and pure. And of course there are secrets and a little magic to our dram of pure Shetland gold in a glass.